Taking your 'Before and After' Photos

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Before starting we first want you to take your 'BEFORE' photos but don't worry, these are just for you and you do not have to share them! Tracking your booty progress whether it may be visually or with a tape measure is the best measure of your success.

Day 1 & Day 90 Take a picture in each of the following poses:

  • Facing backwards, booty relaxed
  • Facing backwards, booty flexed
  • Facing front, abs flexed
  • Facing front, abs relaxed
  • Facing side, booty relaxed
  • Facing side, booty flexed

Don't skip this step. You'll want to have these photos on hand so you can compare progress month over month. Sometimes you can't really see the difference with the scale. That's where photos come into play.

Because of this, these progress photos are really valuable. You can often gain muscle while losing fat; so the scale doesn't move much on a weekly basis, but you'll be losing inches off your waist and your progress pictures will highlight an astounding difference.

For real — don't skip this step!

Next, Weigh Yourself

This is also vital to see how you're progressing on a weekly basis. Furthermore, getting a measuring tape is great for tracking your waist, chest and bicep measurements.

When you’re on the program, it will be extremely motivating and helpful to know exactly what’s happening with your body. You want to know how your weight is changing; how your strength is changing; and how your waist measurement is changing.

Of course, don’t be alarmed if your weight is stuck for the first few weeks. This is a common occurrence for people who are gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously; it’s a great thing.

Case in point: Stick to the program as prescribed, and you’ll experience some pretty dramatic changes.